Huawei Honor 6 getting a software update to fix Stagefright bug

After getting Android Lollipop update last month, Honor 6 is now getting another software update in many parts of the world. The OTA (Over The Air) update for Indian variant (H60-L04) is 131MB in size and carries the build number H06-L04C151B520. According to the change-log this update mainly addresses the Stagefright security vulnerability detected in Android OS which may allow hackers to take control of the device. Google has issued many patches for this security bug over the past few months and phone manufacturers are seeding these patches to their devices via software updates. Besides Stagefright bug fix this software update also

Installs a Dushehra (an Indian festival) theme in Honor 6
Fixes the instant message delay issue in the notification bar which randomly occur
Fixes the error whereby user was unable to open certain URLs in a message (containing special characters)

Huawei Honor 6 update

If you have an Honor 6 in India or elsewhere you should have got the OTA update notification by now, if not you may check for the update manually via “Updater” app.


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