LG G4 Accessory – BCK-4800 Battery Charging Kit (Extra battery with charging cradle)

As part of the LG G4 promo campaign LG has bundled some early-bird “smart benefits” with G4 (like free one-time screen replacement, freebies like extra battery, Quick-circle case etc) as a limited time offer. These freebies are variable depending upon the LG G4 variant and country. In India LG is giving away a battery charging kit, BCK-4800, comprising of an extra battery, battery case and charging cradle with LG G4. This kit is not a part of LG G4 retail box; after purchase the buyer has to register the phone at LG website/retail shop and then LG sends the kit at the registered address later on. We registered our LG G4 (H818N) by IMEI at LG India mobile website two weeks ago and finally got the charging kit yesterday via courier. Here are some pics of the BCK-4800 charging kit and its contents –

LG G4 BCK-4800 kit LGG4_BCK-4800 Kit LGG4_BCK-4800_Kit

As you can see in the pics, a “worth Rs.3500 Not for sale” is prominent at the front of package, Rs.3500 translates roughly into $60. The kit contains a genuine 3000mAh LG G4 battery, a charging cradle to charge the battery without phone and a battery case to safely store or carry the battery. This is definitely a welcome move from LG and other phone manufacturers like Samsung should also consider adding such freebies with their flagships to give more value to the money consumers spend for them.

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