Meizu describes the process of the making of “All-metal body” of MX5 Phone

Meizu describes the process of the making of “All-metal body” of MX5 Android phone
Earlier this week, Meizu launched their new flagship Android phone, the Meizu MX5 in China. As we have reported earlier, MX5 is a high-end phone with a premium metallic design. At the official MX5 webpage Meizu has put up a detailed description of the making of the “all metal body”. Meizu describes the process with title “the pursuit of technologic perfection”.

The making of MX5 All-metal body

The making of MX5 All-metal body

According to Meizu the 21 grams metal body of MX5 is crafted from a slab of 250 grams of high quality aluminum and this process takes a full one month to complete. The whole process is a 68-step long and is real work of “craftsmanship” as Meizu describes it. Here are the key processes involved in the making of Meizu MX5 “all metal” skeleton –

To sum up the process in Meizu’s own words
It takes 30 days to turn 250g of T6063 aluminum into an exquisite 21g metal body. This 68-step process includes CNC rough processing, nano-molding, CNC fine processing, polishing, coating, anodizing and diamond cutting. A total of 68 blades are used in this process, all with a precision of 0.01 millimeter.

The body is polished 5 times for a perfect color tone
The process of polishing the metal body of the MX5 is a tedious one as “It is polished after coating, and coated after polishing. This process is repeated five times, and takes more than 40 hours to complete.

The coloring machines are used only twice for uniform precision
According to Meizu they used a specially customized set of machines (made by Japan Sumitomo) for the coloring process. These machines are used only twice for the process and then disposed of. “This all serves to keep the 0.02mm coating precise enough to make perfect coloring on your MX5.

Meizu MX5 - Making holes

Meizu MX5 – Making holes

Use of a mere 0.45mm thick magnesium alloy sheet below screen for support
Meizu has incorporated a magnesium alloy sheet under the AMOLED screen. This sheet is just precisely created (at just 0.45mm thick) to give support to the screen and phone body. In Meizu’s own words “We chose to use top German machinery to create a board with the thickness of only 0.45mm, nearly approaching the limit. Around the backboard, we have also used a forked tail material process to integrate a ring of elastic nylon glass fiber to better absorb energy generated in stamping. These efforts make sure that MX5 is both firm and light.

Use of CNC machines to carve out holes
Meizu has used high precision CNC drill machinery to dig holes in the metallic body of MX5. In their own words “Whether it’s the speaker, microphone, USB port, or the SIM slot, all have been made with a 4-axis CNC machine tool that conducts 360° rotating processing, with a precision of 0.01mm. For the speaker opening, we coat it first and then we CNC process it. All of this takes great effort, but it also differentiates us from others in bringing you the highest quality and elegance possible.

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