Nokia Suite updated to version 3.8.54 with no support for Nokia account sign in

can not sign in to Nokia Suite

Microsoft has rolled out an update for Nokia Suite (the PC Suite software for Nokia phones) recently. It is version 3.8.54 and may well be the last version of the legendary Nokia software. The most striking feature of this update is the removal of login option with a Nokia account. If you remember, previous versions of Nokia Suite prompted the user to sign in with a Nokia account when the app was launched. But not anymore, your login data has been removed by Microsoft; they have shut down almost all Nokia servers and thus all data (including the user data) has been deleted. As a result of this, Nokia Store ( is also redirecting to Opera Mobile store website now. This is just another nail in the coffin of Nokia by Microsoft.

So you cannot login to Nokia Suite with your Nokia account now. Even if you have an older version of Nokia Suite installed with login option, it will not work either. Older versions of Nokia (Ovi) Suite/Nokia PC Suite will give error (invalid login credentials or can’t connect to server error) if one tries to login with Nokia account.

However you should say thanks to Microsoft that the Nokia Suite (and some other softwares) is still working – apart from login all other functions are still intact – you can update/re-install your old Nokia phone software, sync your phone data (contacts, messages, etc) with computer etc.


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