Opera Mini for Android updated to version 9 with Night Mode and improved Sync

Opera Mini 9 for Android available now
Yesterday, Opera updated their popular Opera Mini web browser for Android to version 9. This is the second major version bump (from 8 to 9) within a short span of few days – earlier this month Opera Mini was updated to version 8 (from 7.6) With version 8, Opera tried to rejuvenate one of the oldest and the “once most popular mobile web browser”. Fresh new, modern UI, faster page loading, and high DPI support were some of the highlights of Opera Mini 8. The new version 9 is not drastically different from 8, here is the brief change-log –

Opera Mini 9

“Night mode” function has been added – which allows the user to decrease the screen brightness to drastically low levels (even lower than the phone settings allow). This will reduce eye strain while surfing web during Night or in low light conditions

Syncing of Speed Dials and open tabs – now these parameters can also be synced to an Opera account

Combined address and search bar now also shows the page title when viewing web pages

Besides some regular features like fast page loading, data saving etc have also been improved. As you may know, Opera Mini is a proxy server based browser – requested web pages are processed and compressed at the server before rendering at the mobile screen this whole exercise results in upto 80% less data transfers. As most of the work is done over server, Opera Mini is very light on mobile resources and the app size is also very small. Two negative points of this server-side rendering are – most complex scripts and dynamic elements of web pages do not work in Opera Mini. As the data is processed at the server – it is not secure to do online transactions and similar other activities at Opera Mini.

How to update? – You can install latest version of Opera Mini in your Android phone from Google Play Store app. However if you already have Opera Mini (version 7.6 or older) installed in your phone, then it will not be updated to version 9 directly. Even PlayStore will not show the update available for it. This is because Opera has published the new Opera Mini with a different name and profile. In such case you will have to install the new version afresh from the Play Store. Once installed – launch the new Opera Mini and after initial setup it will detect and ask you to remove the older version of Mini – now it’s up to you whether to keep or uninstall the older version. Fortunately at the initial set up, the new Opera Mini will import all your bookmarks, speed dials, history etc from the older version at the first launch so do not worry about losing your data saved. Better still you can also sync your Opera Mini specific data by signing into your Opera account.

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