“Smart Manager” app of Galaxy S6 now available for Galaxy S5 via Software update

A new “Over The Air” software update is rolling out now for Samsung Galaxy S5 in India and some other countries – currently for International unlocked variant SM-G900H. Soon other variant will also get this update. We got the 388 MB OTA update in India yesterday. Going by the size it’s a big one but unfortunately still based on the same old Android 5.0 (build date is July 28). The official change-log has just one word for this update – “Improved performance”. After the update we noticed no change in the phone except a new app “Smart Manager”. This app has actually descended from the Galaxy S6 series of devices which already have it as a System maintenance app. From interface and functions it looks quite similar to the popular “Clean master” Android app. And indeed the storage cleaning module of Smart Manager is “powered by Clean Master”. Plus McAfee security is also integrated in the Security function of Smart Manager. Thus it is actually a big “bloat-ware” as described by many users at various Android forums. Here is a brief overview of Smart Manger functions –

smart manager for galaxy s5

Battery function is just a shortcut to the “Settings – General – Battery” menu.

Storage function consist of a shortcut to the “Settings – General –Storage” menu plus there is option to delete “Unnecessary files” and user data. This option is powered by Clean Master.

It is a RAM cleaning function which closes the apps running in the background. There are two tabs under RAM function – Background Apps and Manage Apps. By using these functions you can end the running apps or uninstall/disable un-necessary apps.

Device Security
It is like an Antivirus app which can scan the phone for malware or any other security threat. Besides you can also install My Knox app to “create a secure and isolated space on the device where you can do your work” according to Samsung.

Besides a one-click “Clean All” function button is also there for a quick boost in phone speed and performance.

How to update?
If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900H, unlocked Indian/International variant) then check for the System software update via “Settings – General – About device – Software updates – Update now”. Phone will check and download the update if available. Alternatively you can also use Samsung Kies (PC software) to update the phone via computer.

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