Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook status photo creates controversy

Zuckerberg creates controversy by his FB status photo in Pakistan
Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg is currently busy promoting and expanding his ambitious (and controversial) project. If you do not know, ties up with telecom operators to provide free basic internet services to users of the latter. This campaign especially targets the developing countries where internet access is still very low in comparison to global standards. So in simple words if your service provider has tied up with then you can access many popular sites (including Facebook and Wikipedia) free of cost without buying any data plan.

FB Zuckerberg controversy

FB Zuckerberg

Mark is currently promoting this campaign over Facebook too. He updates his status every time a new country/operator ties up with project. In this series Mark recently posted an update about Pakistan. As you can see in the pic a man with donkey and a taxi driver are shown talking on a mobile phone. As soon as the status went live it became controversial and a platform of discussion. Thousands of Pakistani FB users objected over the selection of the photo commenting that Mark deliberately portrayed a shabby outlook of Pakistan to humiliate the country. Many demanded an apology from him saying that a man with a donkey certainly does not represent Pakistan as a whole. He might have chosen a better pic for the status. Some Pakistanis even uploaded beautiful pics of various Pakistani cities and other scenic places of the country as suggestions for Mark.

God knows Mark did this intentionally or not but this status has certainly drawn the ire of Pakistani public in general and it is not good for Facebook. Now all we can suggest to Zuck is – tighten up your social networks security buddy or be prepared to see a donkey as your profile pic any time (courtesy of the Pakistani hackers).

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